Court hire costs

All costs are per court, per hour. Membership entitles a player to one court. Lights must be turned off no later than 9:30pm. $10 refundable deposit applies for night key. For racquet and ball hire contact Steve.

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Junior MembersJoin and save!

$ 0

per hourNo Charge

Junior members aged 18 and under

Junior Non-Members

$ 3

per hourDay rate: $3
Night rate: $6

Junior members aged 18 and under

Adult MembersJoin and save!

$ 10

per hour

Day rate: $10
Night rate: $15


$ 15

per hourDay rate: $15
Night rate: $20

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Alternative booking: Members Only

As the title above suggests the following option is available to members only.

  1. Call Steve on 0412 731 814, or (02) 66 841 526,
  2. Provide Steve with your Name and Membership Number,
  3. Steve will give you a combination code to unlock the key box (at the club house) to get the court key that’s inside,
  4. Take the court key to gain access to the court,
  5. When you have finished return the court key to the key box, and reset the combination code to “0000”,
  6. Write your Name, your Membership Number, the time you played, on the envelopes provided (by the key box), and insert your money and post the envelope in the club house letter box.